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"The Civil Rights Knights of Dallas Heights," like the other books in the "King of Alton Park" series, delves into the true stories and unwritten history of Chattanooga. This murder mystery in Chattanooga TN is set in the early 1950s, amidst the backdrop of the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. It seamlessly continues the narrative from where the fourth book left off, offering readers a compelling look into the past.


As with its predecessors, this book is grounded in the author's family history, drawing on real stories and facts passed down through generations. "The Civil Rights Knights of Dallas Heights" marks the fifth installment in the series, which began with "The King Of Alton Park." The journey then unfolds through "The Golden Eyed Goddess of Eastdale," leading to "The Lost Babydoll in Cameron Hills" and "The Ghost of Ringgold Road."

Through these captivating narratives, readers are not only entertained but also educated about the rich history of Chattanooga and the struggles and triumphs of its residents. Each book adds a layer to the tapestry of stories that make up the city's past, ensuring that these tales are preserved and remembered for generations to come.

The Civil Rights Knights of Dallas Heights | murder mystery in Chattanooga Tn

SKU: 979-8218365868
  • The Civil Rights Knights of Dallas Heights.  This book is part of King of Alton Park series by author Van Guines.

    Book Length: 104 pages

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